Webinar on “Hexagonal Architecture with Asp.net Core”

Hello Techies, Hope you enjoyed and got much strength from our previous anti-biotic “Angular Pipes And Impure Pipe” (refer to the link: https://youtu.be/oXll4DJA-Cw). Now it’s time to get another anti-biotic (a good knowledge) to make your immunity more strong and Read more

Webinar on “API Management using Azure”

Hello Techies, We are excited to announce that the Mumbai User group is organizing a webinar on API Management using Azure by one of the greatest trainers in the current era Shivprasad Koirala. He is the founder of questpond, corporate trainer , Read more

Webinar on “Angular Directives”

Hey Techies, Now it’s time for directives. Directives are one of the most important in Angular Application. So in this webinar, we are going deep dive into Directives before that you have some fundamental knowledge of Angular and Typescript. If Read more