Webinar on “Hexagonal Architecture with Asp.net Core”

Hello Techies,

Hope you enjoyed and got much strength from our previous anti-biotic “Angular Pipes And Impure Pipe” (refer to the link: https://youtu.be/oXll4DJA-Cw).

Now it’s time to get another anti-biotic (a good knowledge) to make your immunity more strong and reduce your weaknesses from a knowledge perspective.

These time it’s a little different and more impactful from a career perspective.

Don’t miss it.

So let’s get ready for our second one of the strongest antibiotics “Hexagonal Architecture with Asp.net Core”.

About session :

Hexagonal architecture was proposed by Alistair Cockburn in 2005.
Hexagonal Architecture, or to call it properly, “Ports and Adapters pattern”, is driven by the idea that the application is central to your system. All inputs and outputs reach or leave the core of the application through a port that isolates the application from external technologies, tools and delivery mechanics

Demo presents Web API solution which is built on Hexagonal Architecture with all essential feature (like swagger, serilog, health check and lots more) using .NET Core.

Which helps quick start for freelancing project and for project in your company, where developer can concentrate on Business requirement and build entities (Classes)

About Speaker :

Amit Naik
11+ Years of experience as Full Stack Developer Bangalore.

Session Detail :

Date:    27th Feb 2021
Timing:  9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Link to Connect: https://youtu.be/ErkMka5RN3E

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