Experience sharing on Webinar on “Javascript” (Fresher to Fresher series)

Firstly I want to say thank to @sukeshMarla sir and @dhirajpoojary sir they arrange Freshers to Freshers webinar to build confidence in the freshers and give the opportunity to talk and share knowledge.
I am glad to become a part of this. I have taken the session on 21 May. It was a wonderful experience. With good support of these two guys I made my session successfully. Firstly I am feeling nervous before the session after start my session I really enjoyed talking with people during my whole session. first time I feel something happened well in my life.this webinar really improve my confidence level. Now I am waiting for another opportunity to take such type of sessions. And I try my best to overcome my previous session mistakes. This session gives me a way of presenting myself. I suggest if you new in something then try to do it doesn’t think too much.

Thanks and regards
Sandeep Bamane

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