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Thanks for attending our webinar, “Angular Routing” We hope you enjoyed it!.

We had covered the following point in the session :

What is Routing?
It is simply used to navigate from one component to another component based on action taken by the end-user.

What is router-outlet?
router-outlet works as a placeholder which is used to load the different components dynamically.

Where we declare routing?
We declare routing in the routing module forRoot method by passing an array of javascript object paths and components.

What is the difference between href and routerlink?
The difference is that href it navigates to URL and refreshes the entire page and routerlink navigate to URL and component is rendered in place of router-outlet without reloading the entire page.

What is the ” ** ” path means in routing?
” ** ” mean wild card route in angular. For eg: – Think about a scenario where a user enters URL(route) which does not exist in route at that it will show “Page Not Found”.How this is possible? by wild card route. “PageNotFound” is a component with the “**” path.

What is Lazy Loading?
Lazy Loading generally, is a concept where we load object when it’s required. As you saw in a session that we load the module when we required it.

We discuss a change in lazy loading syntax in Angular 9
” () => import(‘{YourModuleFullPathName}’).then(m => m.YourModuleName) ” .

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You can access the recording here.

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