Webinar on “Angular Routing”

Hello learners,

So you think you all are set to create a SPA using Angular?
Its time to do some routing.

Photo by David Barajas on Unsplash

In our next webinar, we will explore Routing in Angular from Sukesh Marla who was one of the Founder of Mumbai User group, Author of Learn MVC in 7 days book, A technical architect and founder of Just Compile.

You can find more about Sukesh Marla in twitter@sukeshmarla or linkedin.

In case you are new to Angular kindly go through the following video before attending the training as a beginner level idea about Angular is a must for attending this trainer….

Session date 26th Sunday Evening 7.00 PM to 8.30 PM
Click this link to register yourself.

Thank you  Questpond for sponsoring GoToTraining.

It’s a free community event. Please free to share links with your friends and colleagues who want to learn it.

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  1. Please add complete session date, It is confusing now whether it is upcoming session or it has already completed.

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