Experience sharing on Webinar on “Getting started with Blazor”

Hello Techies,

Thanks for attending our webinar, “Getting Started with Blazor” We hope you enjoyed it!

We had covered the following point in the session :

1. We had seen the default demo application created by blazor.

2. With blazor we can create the single page application majorly using c# and Html.

3. We can create two type of blazor application Server side and Web Assembly.

4. In these session we majorly focused on the Server side Blazor application.

5.In blazor you can create page or component.

6. Page is what where you can navigate and component is what which you can reuse.

7. Page and components both are same .razor extension but if we write @page and give them route like these (e.g. @page “\customer”) then we called it as page else we consider it as component and we can use the component any other page or component like these (e.g. <mycomponent></ mycomponent >).

8. In .razor pages we can write the c# code directly under the @code{} block. The variable declare inside these block we can directly use inside same component or page

9. Similarly we can define the methods inside the @code{} block and can use inside same component or page.

Following is example that how can we use the @code{} block for method and variable declaration

here are some memories of the webinar..

we plan to get back to you soon.

You can access the recording here.

Please feel free to pass these along to colleagues who may be interested.

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