Webinar update for Quickstart development with angular & typescript held on 25th June, 2017

Successfully completed another webinar on Quickstart development using Angular & TypeScript by Pradeep Shet. I hope it was very much fruitful to all and will help others to kick start with Angular  :). Thank you audience for attending the session and being so enthusiast asking questions. I have uploaded the source code in below link & webinar recording link is also shared below.

We will like to see you with same enthusiasm in our upcoming webinars. Thank you once again.

Source code link

Recording video of webinar shared in our youtube channel

Just a quick glance about agenda for the day:
-What & Why Angular CLI
-Hands on creating component & service
-CRUD operation using angular
-Q & A

Stay connected with us for more of this sessions in future. Please share your views/suggestion & feedback towards this session.

Lastly any one interested in giving the webinar like this can contact us or mail us at pradeepsh824@gmail.com.

Please share your comments & feedback. This will help us to make it better.

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