Webinar update conducted on 4th June, 2016

webinarSuccessfully completed another webinar on Performance Tuning as a part of “Saturday Online”. Thank you very much Roohi Shaikh (MVP) for taking your time from busy schedule & sharing your knowledge. I hope it was fruitful to all. It was indeed a great session on customization with Dynamics CRM. Thank you audience for attending the session and being so enthusiast.

I am sharing the recorded video of webinar for your reference

Agenda for the day was:
– Customizing the default template in Dynamics CRM
1. Create Project
– Name – Text
Project Code – Text
– Customer – Customer
– Type – Inhouse/External
– Start Date – Date
– End Date – Date
– Estimated Value – Currency – If type = inhouse Estimate Value not required.
– Actual Value – Currency – Rollup
– Estimate Hours – Numeric
– Actual Hours – Numeric Rollup
2. Project Time Entries – Activity Type
– Value = Calculated Field – Rate * 50
– validate date
3. Project Members – Access Team
4. Add a module Project Management to the Navigation bar
5. Pack the solution to send to customer for deployment

Stay connected with us for more of this sessions in future. Please share your views/suggestion & feedback towards this session.

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Please share your comments & feedback. This will help us to make it better.

See you again this Saturday with some new topic:)

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